December 2018


Chron’s Disease – Is Any Cure in Sight?

Chron’s Disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that has already taken too many lives. Starting with feeling your stomach and throat irritated to spreading to the rest of your intern organs and body, causing a number of chain reactions and other symptoms.

Its Symptoms

3 - Chron's Disease - Is Any Cure in Sight?

In the list of symptoms that this disease can give you are the common abdominal pain and cramping. But it also can give you dangerous diarrhea that can cause you side effects such as notorious malnutrition, weight loss, and dehydration.

This is because the Chron’s disease affects the organs of the digestive system and is become different with each patient. This is a disease that we should be careful about it.

Is There A Cure?

4 - Chron's Disease - Is Any Cure in Sight?

Now when we talk about how to stop the Chron’s disease, there are a couple of advices that you could follow in order to stop almost completely the risk of having these side effects and the problems that can cause in your digestive system.

For instance, there are a couple of medicines that you could follow and try in order to calm the symptoms. While there’s isn’t any sight of a cure for this disease, most doctors advise that following a strict routine can be beneficial for avoiding the irritation in your stomach or bowel.

Calm the Symptoms

In order to calm the irritation in your stomach and bowel you need to follow the classic treatments that are based on anti-inflammatory drugs and immune system suppressor, this is to avoid the complications that can lead up to bowel inflammation.

While there’s no cure available for the moment, the Chron’s disease looks like a problem that can be solved in a near future, and while following the treatment of doctors and specialist have caused a lot of patients to solve their issues with the disease. The definitive cure isn’t still in development.


3 Ways Depression Changes Your Brain

Depression is like the common flu. At least once in our lives, we are going to be dealing with depression and what does it do to us. It can change our mood and way-of-thinking really quick causing isolation and low self-esteem issues that can be deathly in some cases.

That’s why nowadays depression is finally getting treated as a serious illness that needs to be cured and treated with a professional. Since in a lot of ways depression was often seen as just a type of emotion and not as it should be cataloged.

But as the years have gone by we have noticed that depression is by far more dangerous than we thought, since there are new studies that show the different changes in our brain if we keep ourselves in depression for a prolonged period of time. For that, if you are feeling blue and need to talk with someone, your best chance is to go to the psychiatrist.

With this being said, is time to make a list and catalog the multiples effects that can cause depression in our brain.

Brain Inflammation

5 - 3 Ways Depression Changes Your Brain

Persistent depression is one of the treats that can cause a brain inflammation. So if you expose yourself to more than 10 years of depression, the consequences can be severe, for that, you need to compare yourself with the brain activity of a healthy non-depression individual and see how their brain is behaving and how he doesn’t present any symptoms of brain inflammation 

Degenerative Diseases

Remember when we mentioned brain inflammation? Well, it turns out that by having an extended period of time being depressed and having a brain inflammation more often, the chances of having a degenerative disease in your brain and cause a higher of developing Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases of this sort.

Parkinson’s Disease

6 - 3 Ways Depression Changes Your Brain

There’s a connection between an extended period of time with depression and the illness known as Parkinson. Since both occur in the brain with and can be degenerative in the meaning of what can cause us, is almost proved that depression can lead the way for a future Parkinson disease if it’s not treated right.

But the most damage that depression can make in an individual is how they process the events of their daily life as well how this mindset of being always uninterested in what it used to be your favorite activities or even get out and do the basic chores of a normal person in his everyday life.

Other details

Another dangerous detail about depression is that each time you complete a day with depression, the more difficult is to leave the depressive behavior, since it has become part of yourself and it has found a way to your routine and even the way you think, and this can cause a chain reaction of multiples effects that are a disadvantage for you and your life.

For example, is known that depression can lead the way to a lower self-esteem, inducing self-hate and other degenerative behaviors about you. Not to mention the longer periods of isolation and the apathy or not being interested in interacting with your family or the people that surround you, instead of having a self-destruct attitude towards yourself and your goals.

For that, the best way that you can end this behavior is to seek professional help and get yourself treated since if you don’t, you can suffer from a persistent depression that can lead to changes in your brain.