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Cutting Shapes: A Beginner’s Guide To Cropping In Figma


Cropping a shape in Figma can be a useful technique to create unique designs or to isolate and focus on a specific portion of an image or design element. Follow the step by step tutorial below to learn how to crop a shape in Figma.

Step 1: Open Figma and create a new file or open an existing one.

Step 2: Select the shape you want to crop. You can do this by clicking on the shape in the canvas or by selecting it from the layers panel.

Step 3: Click on the Edit button in the top right corner of the toolbar. This will open the editing menu.

Step 4: From the editing menu, select the Boolean option and choose Crop from the available options.

How to Crop Images into Shapes in Figma
How to Crop Images into Shapes in Figma

Step 5: Click and drag the shape to the size and position you want it to be cropped.

Step 6: Once you have positioned the shape where you want it, click on the Apply button in the top right corner of the toolbar to complete the crop.


Q: Can I crop multiple shapes at once in Figma?
A: Yes, you can select multiple shapes and crop them all at once using the same steps as above.

Q: Can I undo a crop in Figma?
A: Yes, you can undo a crop by selecting the cropped shape and clicking on the Edit button in the toolbar. From there, select Boolean and choose Union to undo the crop.

Q: Can I crop an image in Figma?
A: Yes, you can crop an image by placing a shape over the portion of the image you want to crop, selecting both the shape and the image, and following the same steps as above to crop the image.

Q: Can I resize a cropped shape in Figma?
A: Yes, once you have cropped a shape, you can resize it by clicking and dragging any of the corner or side handles.

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